JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2024


More paintings, drawings, 
and also a number of installations 
have been created until now. 
Some examples appear on the website
Also, films and animations can be found in or 
YouTube - Joyce jocelyne Saunders-diop

You can also check
on Instagram.

Much creative content now takes form digitally, 
with photography, filming and editing,
of installations, painting and drawings 
used as props,
in the set design of the Fine Art Studio
Studio F2 First Floor,
as well as in "public art / creative fashion", 
"appearances / performances", 
where JOYCESART is
living / passing in the environment,
mostly London,
as psychic / material / human artwork.

Although taking up less storage space 
than paintings would, 
in archival hard-drives, 
the painting and drawing is far from over 
and always finds it's way back 
into the studio or home life 
or in portable travelling notebooks. 

It may be good though, 
to sell more works 
rather than just 
as a rare miraculous happening...
so as to make space 
for new larger artworks.

Any offers? 
In need of some aesthetic challenges 
and/or simply, nourishment,
from an artist of substance
who has been developing 
her creative art practice
since the age of four?
And intends to never give it up...

Do contact 
if interested,
Joyce will be 
more than happy 
to help.


Joyce doing mirror art with installation @ Studio F2, first floor, Art House, 15 June 2020.