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'The Red Horses' mural 
Mural spectrum acrylic and oil on linen canvas
2.1 m X 1 m

Are we all in a desperate race to live to the full, while jumping and galloping blindly towards our planet's destruction?
Can we slow down, turn, reconsider?
Are we actually capable of that or is it already lost anyway?
Once more, since the Cold War, is there a future? And if yes, what kind of future?

Shall we remain positive? and run ahead confidently? Are the answers everywhere around us? Should we take stock and look out more?

'The Red Horses'

'The Red Horses' - detail left

'The Red Horses' - detail right

'The Red Horses' - detail I

'The Red Horses' - detail II

'The Red Horses' - detail III

'The Red Horses' - detail IV