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'The Galloping Horses' mural 
One day, in the summer of 2007, "Cars" lost their appeal, and the love and hate relationship Joyce had with the subject gave way to the revival of her childhood passion for "Horses". 

'The Galloping Horses' mural stretches over 5 m X 1 m in oil on canvas, and is based on a series of photographs from a bronze naturalistic group of sculpted mustangs, galloping over an angular water area, within the minimalist futuristic urban scape of Dallas' city of Business, Texas, taken by Joyce while on a visit to her american relatives, in 2000.  
A number of small works, also on canvas, representing the same horses, albeit singled out and viewed from different perspectives can be found on 'The Horses Series: small paintings' page. A 2008 calendar which displayed them was released, as a limited edition of 15.

'The Galloping Horses'

'The Galloping Horses - detail left

'Galloping Horses' - detail right

' The Galloping Horses - detail I

'The Galloping Horses' - detail II

'The Galloping Horses' - detail III

' The Galloping Horses' - detail IV

' The Galloping Horses' - detail V

'The Galloping Horses - detail VI