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2000 to 2007: 'THE CARS SERIES' murals 
Welcome to 'The Cars Series' murals
www. exhibition, produced mainly between
2000 and summer 2007!
These six paper murals, with one painting on stretched canvas, were first exhibited at the Lewisham Art House, London SE14 6PD, in November 2009, with additional smaller paintings on the subject of cars, together with 3 short animations, a small pile of "Car" printed tee-shirts, a few limited edition catalogues and an archival prints rack. 
Kids (and adults!) have enthusiastically contributed their own drawings and comments on the subject, using table and stool, colour pens and paper, to the music of the animation playing into the space...

Travis and Perkins, the builders merchants based in Vauxhall, even sponsored the show with clean street barriers to surround one of the murals, the stretch-limousine, which was displayed on the floor, as well as with two proud street cones, for both sides of the gallery door. 

'Good Bad Dream'

'Small Fledgeling Business'

'Stretch Limo'

'Old Banger'

'The Toy Car'

'Portrait Of The Car'

'The Credit Card Car'