JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2024

2009 to 2011: 'THE BIRDS SERIES' 
One these artworks faced the rejection of the judges of the Society of Wildlife Artists for their September 2010 exhibition at The Mall Gallery, near Buckingham Palace: 'The Big Birds'.
Another one, "The Lover birds", was also not chosen in the open submission for the Deptford' s Core Gallery exhibition of the same month... "Zut!", as the french say...

The first one in the series, though, "The Parrot", instantly flew onto a picture text message, before leaving the studio in bubble wrap on the back of a flamboyant yellow motorbike, than on it's way by airplane to Greece where it now resides...
Another bird, "The White Bird", resides at one of Joyce's most valued assistants home in South London, and is looking into flying to Berlin to nest there. What is she going to do to resolve future editing and encoding issues for film after that happens ? ? ? ...

         The urge for innovation and invention have so far prevented  Joyce , as usually is the case after completion of a series or body of work, from replicating the initial design...

'The Parrot'

'The Parrot' - framed

'The Lover Birds'

'The Lover Birds' - detail I

'The Big Birds' - detail I

'The Lover Birds" - detail II

'The Big Birds'

'The Big Birds'

'The Big Birds'- detail II

'Can't see eye to eye'

'Can't see eye to eye' - side view

'Can't see eye to eye' - detail

'The White Bird'

'The White Bird' - detail

'@ The Private View'

'@ The Private View' - side view

'@ The Private View' - detail

'The Clown Bird'

'The Clown Bird'- detail

'The Blue Birds'

'The Blue Birds' - detail

'The Glamorous Bird'

'The Glamorous Bird' - side view

'The Glamorous Bird' - detail