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'The Stretch Limo' mural 
This work, mural acrylic and aluminium paint on paper, is over 5 m long and 1.5 m wide.

It talks of the huge and ever growing gap between the ultra-rich and the multitude of minute common mortals at their feet. The anachronism between the depiction of a vintage early day stretch limousine and the windowed detail of a modern one's front light to the top right of the painting suggest the change from aristrocacy to nowadays power structures.
I found this car parked in a side street in West Norwood, London, and was charmed by it's escort of nicely aligned orange cones.
Having just browsed through a vintage designer labels shop where I refrained (with great self control- but not without much temptation) from buying a Vivienne Westwood yellow skirt, I then proceeded to go and sketch amongst the car remains and carcasses in the huge scrap yard nearby.

'Stretch Limo'

'Stretch Limo' - detail left

'Stretch Limo' - detail center

'Stretch Limo' - detail right

'Stretch Limo' - detail I

'Stretch Limo' - detail II

'Stretch Limo' - detail III

'Stretch Limo' - detail IV

'Stretch Limo' - detail V