JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2024

2007 to 2009: 'THE HORSES SERIES' murals 
These large works are predominantly painted in oils, on mural sized canvas.
They emanate from a need, after 7 years of exploration around the subject of man made cars, for a return to Nature. Nature without, but also within us, horses being an allegory here for what is alive, breathes, has flesh and bones, feelings.
They also embody beauty, to me, a certain nobility of being.
They are to be respected, admired, cared for.
They have been humans' closest friend throughout times and have been all but replaced by the arrival of the machine... Just as we are gradually... They represent what is left within each one of us of the natural, the genuine, the emotional, the humane. Hope. Freedom

'The Galloping Horses'

'The Mare'

'The Red Horses'

'Portrait of London'