JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2024

This gallery comprises an eclectic choice of artworks and images which do not feature in any of the other classifications, or are only there as thumbnails.
Joyce's extensive website bringing a variety experience covering different themes and styles explored throughout the years and featured within distinct series, this room offers variety within itself.  

The Fabulous Ring and the Model

The Power of the Hand


'Rural I'


'Palette board I'


'Instrument' - detail I

'Instrument' - detail II

'Instrument' - detail III

'Instrument' - detail IV

'Instrument' - detail V

'Dinner for Two'


'A piece 4 Peace'

'My first framed artwork'

'I love you'

'Xmas tree'

'Studio F2' - 2008

'Bonninton Square rooftop studio'

'Lewisham Arthouse'

'Lewisham Arthouse' II

'Me age 6'

'Sienna marble'