JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2024

'THE CARS SERIES' small artworks 
These smaller artworks have also been created by Joyce, while developing the 
image on the larger pieces. 

Just as the large murals painted on paper, these can all be printed in a wall-size format or in small sized digital archival quality 'Giclee art prints' and posters, on request.

Some artworks also aim at reaching out to a very young collectors' audience indeed... the 
connoisseurs of the future... and those who will inherit this planet...

'Yellow Glamorous'

'Pink Car'

'The Yellow Car Before The Accident'

'The Pink Car II'

'Toy Car I'

'Toy Car II'

'Tiny Toy Tar on Julia's Ceramic Artwork'

'Stretch Limo By The Glacier'

'Small Stretch Limo In Progress...'

'Stretch Limo On A Hot W1 Night'



'With Stone'

'With Stone' - side view

' Deco Plate'

'Code Barred Item'

'The Beige Car With A Flat Tire'

'Trio I'

'Trio II'

'Smiling Agressively'

'Car With Smoke Up Front'


'Red Evening'

'Urban Scape I'

'Urban Scape I' - detail right

'Urban Scape II'

'La Vie En Rose'

'Hammersmith Flyover'

'First Stretch Limo Spotted In The Ghetto'

'More Attractive'

'Beauties I'

'Mini Cooper'