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AFFORDABLE ART FAIR - 4 February 2021


In December 2020, Pantone announced its annual Colour of the Year as not one, but two and we couldn’t be happier to work with the sparkling, sunny 13-0647 Illuminating Yellow in combination with the relaxing 17-5104 Ultimate Gray. Pantone have said that it's a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and up-lifting. Something we all need for 2021


@ my show of 2 large mixed media paintings on canvas, Undercurrents Gallery, Greenwich, London, 2016

- A middle-aged brown haired man wearing a hat:

" Now can you tell me please, what is the artwork, what is on the walls or yourself?"

I always, wether at one of my shows/exhibitions or just most days when representing my art and my brand in everyday public surroundings, dress very creatively. In fact, and since a very early age when I used to create, design and customise most of my every day clothes, I have always found creative fashion to be a great means of expression. 

Sometimes more daring then not, clothes and accessories tell a story and always have to excite me so as to make the event, the day or night worth engaging and being present at. 

When relaxing, I may be much more invisible too, blending in the ordinary, but usually always somehow wearing at least a little hint of yellow, my brand colour. (note: Joyce)

- A very short almost bold smiling man introduced by a tall woman:

" I very much feel and understand your work. I come from a little island that is disappearing due to the rising of the ocean level".

I had painted these 2 mixed media paintings on canvas (3 m X 2 m), outdoors, on a tarpaulin laid down upon the floor of the Art House's yard, where my fine-art studio is located. Absorbing the man-made environment and Nature, trees, birds, squirrels, space and sky around and above... sound and light and wild-life mixing with traffic noises and ambulance sirens... Our world, and my thoughts and feelings about it. And the planet, the animals... in a semi-figurative gutsy-expressionist manner, involving my body, and all my heart and soul, together with the intellect. " Gaia, what is your pulse from here? "


January 15 (2014)

" Dear Joyce.

Thank you for … the very clever deck of cards with your horses pictures. You are a very talented woman! 

We have very much enjoyed reading your website and seeing all that you have created and what you are doing now. You have done such a good job of "following your passion"!… 

We send much love to you. Keep up the very good work!

Love, Nancy and Jamey. "

From my lovely groovy hip aunt in San Francisco, and my dear uncle James Saunders.


" Comments " left onto the event notebook by visitors to my Open Studio on 4, 5 and 6 October 2013, Studio F2, First Floor, Lewisham Arthouse, SE 14 6PD, London GB.

Here they are:

* I think your work is really cool

* I loveyooscarlett (whatever that means i am not quite sure, the writing is difficult)

* (3 stars and 6 dots) It's really beautiful and colourful. I really love all of it (I only wish i could make such joy!) ---  followed by 3 hearts surrounded by lovely curls and swirls.

* I really like the stuff you make and your very pretty Honey --- last word underlined by a wavy line followed by a kind of heart and a fancy parentheses.

* A certain Daniel left his details after having sat on the sofa for a little while with a little group of young students from Goldsmith and telling me that he would love to be my assistant for a few months. He studies anthropology. I still haven't contacted him. 


* B..., from the neighbouring studio said: You brought a lot of joy to people. It's your colours, your... It's very soft. People don't do soft...

B... was next door to my studio, and heard the reactions, while I spent a lot of time down the corridor on Fire Officer duty. 

* Magical! XXX Anne

* Thanks Joyce. *Very Charming!! XXX Gian Lucas

* Amazing!

* Surprenant! (Surprizing!)

Merci! (Thank You!)

* another person's e-mail address, and another, and another who wants to be looked for on Facebook.

* (Big Heart) The horses. The happiest room! (exclamation mark with a little heart in place of the dot). Yes to the yellow ! (followed by a bigger heart)


" Stay beautiful ! "

Derek Jordan
a dear friend of mine 
very valued at the Tate Galleries
London GB
1 May 2013

 ( --- that made my day ... amongst other wonderful peregrinations on that day ... 
that's how vain former models can be ... tralala --- note by the artist  JOYCE )


After an invitation e-mail with the source black and white image for my digitally embossed "Horse and Rider" industrial print appearing in a textural colour A2 print with the Arthouse members' Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse, June 2012:

" Gorgeous Gorgeous photo, of my MOST talented cousin--
Congratulations and a thousand blessings from someone who loves you an believes in YOU--
Remember our dear grandmother who graduated from Art School on 1912!!
She is looking down on you with her heart and you make her art even more valuable in that her talent lives on in YOU !!! "

Brenna Saunders
one of my numerous and all wonderful cousins ,
once greeted as the best entrepreneur of the year at the White House ...
Utah, USA


" Chere Joyce, 
Un saut en vol par-dessus les deux mers pour te dire que, vu que je ne pouvais pas venir a ton studio Open Day, j'allais quand meme y refaire un petit tour virtuel ... et bien j'ai ete emerveillee, ravie, des oeuvres plus recentes que j'ai pu voir sur ton site - en particulier ce qui m'a frappe, c'est toutes ces couleurs que je n'avais pas encore vu chez toi, des couleurs de la lumiere - solaire, vitale, interieure et en relation avec le monde - la lumiere sous toutes ses formes de vitalite, d'essence vitale.  Oui, je suppose que je parle des jaunes que j'ai vu, mais "jaune" n'est pas vraiment la bonne denomination.  Bref, je me suis regalee a parcourir de nouveau ton site ... bravo, toute cette vie que nous avons parcouru jusqu'a present et tu n'a jamais encore dementi ton ame, ta nature, ton expression d'artiste.
An enthusiastic friend, je t'embrasse, xxzz "

“ Dear Joyce,

A flight above the two seas to tell you, since I could not come to your Open Studio day, that I nevertheless came to visit virtually… and well, I have been marvellously surprised, thrilled, by the more recent artworks that I have seen on your website - what strikes me particularly, are all those colors that I hadn’t seen with you previously, the colours of the light - sunny, vital, intrinsically and in relation with the world - light in all it’s forms of vitality, of essential vitality. Yes, I suppose that I write about the yellows that I have seen, but “yellow” is not really the accurate denomination. 

In short, I had a wonderful time browsing through your website again… congratulations, all this life that we have experienced up until now and you have never betrayed your soul, your nature, your artistic expression.

An enthusiastic friend, I send you my love, xxzz”

Isabelle Waterstone
a very dear long time friend
and writer
Liban, Lebanon