JOYCE's paintings online catalogue 2022

Artist CV

Born by the Mediterranean sea, in La Ciotat, South of France, surrounded by mimosas trees laden with the winter snow, of a texan scriptwriter/inventor father and fine art painter/sculptor mother from Norway, who soon returned to Paris, Joyce jocelyne Saunders-diop started painting at the age of 4 and has now been living and practicing her Art in LONDON for the longest part of her life. Having established her first studio there in 1986, she has been constantly developing her Art and her Brand in the British capital and abroad every since.

Very skilled at painting, drawing and designing in a variety of styles, media and techniques (digitally with softwares such as 'Photoshop', 'Illustrator', 'QuarkXpress', 'Indesign', 'Director', 'Dreamweaver', 'Word', 'Excel' and 'Power Point', 'Final Cut Pro X', 'iStopFrame', for Mac or PC), she can manage time, prioritize and speak in public when prepared. She has taught and instructed others, mainly on a one-to-one basis, and has had a great willingness to learn at a tangent to her life-long fine-art practice, in a late bout of study, during a 10 years effort to expand the scope of her practice. Creative and resourceful, she has supervised and lead others on her art related projects and knows how to work towards long term goals. Years of financial struggle as an artist have also taught her to be economical most of the time, a most useful asset management style when working in the Arts, as a trade in for the most valuable commodity of all, Time, as well as a recipe for the gradual and incremental growth of assets, knowledge and skills. She likes accuracy and is attentive to detail, can analyse, edit written material, conduct surveys and carry out research. Bilingual in French and English, she also possesses a foundation in verbal and written Spanish.

She has travelled to the USA where a large part of her family resides, in particular, California and Texas, throughout Europe in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, but also to the African continent, in Morocco, Zimbabwe and Senegal, as well as more recently, in the Asian part of the world, Sri-Lanka.

However, the cultural diversity and riches of London's 'melting pot' provides her with the ultimate 'citizen of the world's experience, and leaves her quite content with a comparatively small carbon footprint

Rambles in London's superb parks, greenbelt and occasionally beyond are favorites.


  • September 2012: Final Cut Pro X short course, London Film and Video Workshop
  • June/July 2009: Animation Workshops with BAFTA nominated and former BBC animator Kevin Griffiths, London Film and Video Workshop
  • 2006-2007: Master's Degree in Enterprise and Management for the Creative ArtsLondon College of Communication, University of the Arts London
  • 2005-2006: Post-Graduate Diploma in Enterprise and Management for the Creative Arts, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and London Business School (spring term)
  • 2001-2004: BA(Hons) degree 2.1 in Digital Media Production, London College of Communication (formerly London College of Printing), University of the Arts London (formerly London Institute)
  • 2000-2001: Diploma in Digital Media, London College of Printing, London Institute
  • 1999-2000: Certificate in Digital Origination, London College of Printing, London Institute
  • 1998-1999: Multimedia LOCN Access course, Lambeth College, London
  • 1997-1998: City & Guilds in Computer Graphics, Lambeth College, London
  • 1997-1999: City & Guilds in Specialist Decorative Techniques, Lambeth College, London
  • 1997: Specialist Decorative techniques, Morley College, London
  • mid-eighties: Life drawing, Etching, Photography, Sculpting, Morley College, London
  • 1980: French Baccalaureate, Perpignan, France
  • 1976: First group exhibition, Northbridge Junior High, L.A, California, USA

Joyce's first exhibited artwork, age 4, Paris, France

It shows hieroglyphic-like text at the bottom


Solo shows

  • "Behind Closed Doors", 3-9 August 2020 - A week's residency in the Lewisham Arthouse's Gallery / Project Space not open to the public due to the pandemic, which culminates in the creation of 10m x 1.5m painting on Fabriano paper together with the phase #1 of a 1m x 1m mixed media painting on stretched canvas and a series of small abstract on up-cycled card. A 4 minutes film extracted from this event in the gallery can be found on, as well as another short film, shot in the Arthouse yard, showing the smaller artworks
  • Numerous posts on three Instagram accounts: jjsdlondongb  joycesart123  joycejsdartist - also for #studiof2ah #joycesart and @lewishamarthouse from now on
  • Young filmmaker Gwen makes a 4 minutes documentary of JOYCESART at Studio F2 Arthouse, November 2018
  • "Eclectica", works on paper and card and installations, @ "Vinyl", Deptford, South London, GB, 22 February to 24th March 2016, including the preview of Joyce's first film shown to a live audience ("JOYCE's Art Showreel *1", 1h 12 mins), followed by Q&A, on the 16th March 2016
  • Installation, screen showing & Q&A at "The Mall Galleries", The Mall, off Buckingham Palace, London GB, November 2015
  • 'Xtra Special Private View' for Ouleye, Studio F2 Arthouse, April 2015
  • Public outdoors and in studios filming, photography and art performance. 2013, 2014, 2015. Ongoing.
  • JOYCE'S Gallery II & Studio  April May June 2013 , Studio F2, First floor, Lewisham Arthouse. Only Joyce's work, part of 'The Horses Series'
  •   As from the end of summer 2012, this video channel shows some of the animations and short films created and produced by JOYCE
  • 'THE CARS SERIES' EXHIBITION, 6 murals on paper and smaller related artworks with 3 short animations, printed tee-shirts and a rack of archival prints, Lewisham Arthouse, SE14 6PD, London, 18 November to 29 November 2009
  • 'The Horses Tableaux' Part 1, mixed drawings and oil on canvas, exhibition at restaurant 'Chez Ecosium', Harefield road, Brockley, SE4, February 2008
  • Giclee archival quality prints of black & white drawings as well as colour digitally imaged work at restaurant 'Chez Ecosium', Brockley, SE4
  • Joyce's writer's blog, initiated on 24 October 2008
  • and online catalogue: - Established from London, in March 2007, this is Joyce's permanent and frequently updated extremely varied and inventive fine art catalogue. First, it shows 'The Cars Series', developed predominantly between 2000 to 2007. After summer 2007, it also starts displaying other paintings and murals, such as 'The Horses Series', as well as some more retrospective pieces, still in the possession of the artist. Exhibiting in the virtual world is far less costly and time-consuming than in the 3D world... It also bears a much lighter carbon footprint for a potential worldwide audience... This on-line presence is backed with some related PR and marketing activities
  • 'Open Studio', (together with 30 to 40 other artists opening theirs, and special events) @ Lewisham Arthouse, London SE14 6PD, 21 and 22 September 2019 - including showing of 4 minutes film "The Cars Series Exhibition" in "Short Artists' Films Event".
  • 'Open Studio', @ Lewisham Arthouse, London SE14 6PD, 22 and 23 September 2018
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 30 September and 1 October 2017
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 3 June, 4 and 5 June 2016
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 3, 4 & 5 October 2015 
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 10 May 2014  
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 4, 5 and 6 October 2013, also part of Deptford X, 'Art Makes People Powerful Group Show' and Lewisham Arthouse Open Studios
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 5, 6 and 7 October 2012, also part of Deptford X
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 30 September, 1 and 2 October 2011, also part of Deptford X
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 1, 2, 3 October 2010, also part of Deptford X Visual Arts Festival, 24 September - 3 October 2010
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, September 2009
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, 3, 4, 5 October 2008
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, Summer 2007
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, Summer 2006
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, Winter 2005
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, Spring 2005
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, December 4 and 5, 2004
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, May 8 and 9, 2004
  • 'Open Studio', Lewisham Arthouse, in conjunction with "Open House" London wide event, September 12 to 13, 2003
  • 'Home Open Studio', Camberwell Arts week 2004, SE5 London
  • 'BACKDROPS, A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION', Red Gate Gallery, SW9 London, August 16 to September 20, 2003
  • 'Home Open Studio', Camberwell Arts week 2001, SE5, London, GB
  • 'Various works” and 'Graffiti series', JOYCE'S Gallery I & Studios August 1995, 80 Bonnington Square, SW8 ITG, Vauxhall, London, September 95 to April 1996, opened on the occasion of the 'Bonnington Square Street Festival 95'. Only Joyce's work.
  • 'Bonnington Square Street Art Festival 1995', 3 stage and 1 large 3 story high wall backdrops with opening of 'Joyce’s Gallery', September 1995
  • 'Brixton sand paintings' series, Jacaranda cafe gallery, Brixton, London, November 1994
  • 'Dance tableaux' series and backdrops, Oval House Arts Centre, London, November 1994
  • 'Dance tableaux' series, Cafe gallery 'La Belle Époque', Paris, August 1994
  • 'The Squares Series', Clapham church, London, March 1994
  • 'Thirty squares', Joyce' s Ephemeral Gallery, Russell Square, London, March 1993
  • 'Various works', Bonnington Square Arts Cafe, Vauxhall, April 1988
  •  JOYCE'S  LONDON Studio I  Established 1986 , 4 Vauxhall Grove, SW8 ITG (Bonnington Square 'Artists' Hub'), Vauxhall, London GB.
  • Venice and San Fernando Valley, L.A, California, USA, Home Studios. Illustrated book on 'Bees' and customized clothes for outstanding everyday fashion wear. 1976.
  • 1980 - JOYCE works in her first graphic design/illustration studio @home, Pyrenees, France. She illustrates, research, writes and creates her own artist books and mini-novels on CATS and HORSES. She has nevertheless developed her art practice on the home kitchen table and the like since the age of 4.


  • Photography session of female performance artist, Gianinia, painter and writer from South America in Studio F2 Art House, 19 October 2016.
  • 'Various works', Alternative Arts Market #5 and at The Cafe, Deptford, with Eric Dubbs, painter-musician (former member of 'The Foundations', achieving 'Top of the Pops' hits on numerous occasions in the 60's) , Autumn 1994
  • 'Dance tableaux' series and backdrops, Brixton Festival 1996, The Crypt, with another Brixton based female painter.

Group shows

  • Lewisham London Borough of Culture 2022, Launch day at the Arthouse. Member's Group Show. The "Express Yourself" painting and the "Joyce in Amarillo on Horseback and Grummel the Dog" artwork, with fashion/theatrical/comedy appearance on the occasion.
  • "Winter's Tale" - Group Show at The Bookery Gallerie, December 9th 2021 to 3 February 2022 with Performance of "JOYCESART Painting on Street Found Object" outside the gallery at the End View Party. Show of "The Hair Piece Painting" and three smaller abstract artworks.
  • Southwark Park Gallery Open Exhibition during November 2021: Show of short film "The Hair Piece Painting Installation at Studio F2AH" (find it on
  • "Resolution Revolution Evolution Solution", Arthouse members' Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse gallery, finally open to the public with due Covid safety measures in place. JOYCESART mixed media self-portrait painting and installation titled "The Content Creator" - 22 May to 29 May 2021 with Private View on 22 May afternoon.
  • Online short films on Instagram one of which shows JOYCE in her studio, filmed and edited by the Arthouse.
  • "Behind Closed Doors", Arthouse Members' Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse gallery, not open to the public due to the pandemic. "1 m x 1 m Yellow Abstract with vine leaves" installation and painting. 30 February 2021 - 30 April 2021
  • Showing of 4 minutes film "The Cars Series Exhibition" in "Short Artists' Films Event", Lewisham Arthouse Open Studios, London SE14 6PD, 21 and 22 September 2019 
  • "The Coffee Art Project" Exhibition, London Coffee Festival, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, April 2019
  • 'The Pancakes & Booze Arts Show', @ 'The Underdog Gallery', London Bridge SE1 3JW, 9 and 10 November 2018
  • Arthouse Members' Group Show, 'Day Dreamings' mixed media painting, 23 May 2018 to 3 June 2018
  • 'The Coffee Art Project' Exhibition, London Coffee Festival, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, 12 to 15 April 2018
  • 'The Pancake and Booze Art Show', Wapping, London, 6 October 2017, involving performance as live drawing including "school desk with home-grown sunflowers" installation (1 amongst 2 artists performing) 
  • 'The Texan yellow flower chair and hairdo' installation/performance, with the 'Temporary Autonomous Artists', Cremer Street, Hoxton, East London, 31 March 2017
  • 'Square Open Show', Group Show, Bonnington Square, SW8, London, 1 & 2 October 2016
  • 'Arthouse Members' Group Show "speed curated" by Jeremy Deller, 25 May 2016 to 5 June 2016
  • 'The Pancake and Booze Art Show', Wapping, London, 7 April 2016, involving performance as live painter (1 in 3 artists performing) and 100 artists exhibiting work. 
  • Joyce Saunders, Jennifer Brown & Mr. Digri @ 'The Undercurrents Gallery', 'The Bird's Nest' Pub, Gallery and Music Venue, London SE8 4RZ, 25 March to 28 April 2016
  • 'Crit' at The Mall Galleries', with 3 other presenting artists, WC1, 27th November 2015
  • Arthouse Cafe Open Studios Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse, 2 October to 4 October 2015, London
  • 'Hopscotch', Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, 3 June to 14 June 2015, London
  • 'Lounge @ The Arthouse' Member's Group Show, 6 June - 13 July 2014, London
  • 'Art Makes People Powerful', Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse, 4 October to 13 October 2013, London
  • Inclusion of 'Good Bad Dream', one of 'The Cars Series' prints, in one of St Thomas' Hospital Physiotherapy waiting room, 3rd floor, alongside other artworks, 2012, London
  • 'Rewind', Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, 3 October to 13 October 2012, London
  • 'Art in Park', Manor Park, Lewisham, London SE13, 28 and 29 July 2012, London
  • 'Down to Earth', Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, 30 May to 10 June 2012, London
  • 'Open Studios' Cafe Group show, Lewisham Arthouse, 30 September, 1 and 2 October 2011, London
  • Inclusion of 'Traffic', one of 'The Cars Series' prints in one of Guys' Hospital's waiting rooms, alongside other artworks, London
  • 'Open Open', Group show, Swiss Cottage, London, September 2011
  • 'Saturation', Group Show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, 25 May to 12 July 2011, London
  • Inclusion of 'The Portrait of the car', one of 'The Cars Series' archival prints in a St Thomas Hospital's specialist physiotherapist surgery, Mitchener ward, 2011, London
  • Inclusion of 'Classic Stretch Limo', one of 'The Cars Series' archival prints in a dentist surgery's waiting room, alongside other artworks, 2011, London
  • Open Studios' Cafe Group show, Lewisham Arthouse, 1, 2, 3 October 2010, London
  • 'Working on a groovy thing', Group show, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, concordant with the last Friday of the month Deptford Art Map openings and the Brockley Max festival of art events, 28 May to 13 June 2010, London
  • 'A piece for Peace', celebrating International Women's Week, Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, March 2010, London
  • 'Deptford Art Map' Group show at the Arthouse, last Friday of the month, February 2010, London
  • 'Object of Love', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, February 2010
  • 'Group Show', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, September 2009
  • 'The Value of Nothing', Group show, Frameworks Gallery, Creekside, with Deptford Arts Network, September 26 to October 19th 2008, London
  • 'The New Cross Art Prize', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, 15 September to 15 October 2008, London
  • 2 'Group Shows', 'Gallery in the Friars', Canterbury, England, between June 2008 and December 2008
  • 'Group Show', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, Summer 2008
  • 'The Power of Drawing', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, Winter 2008
  • 'Group Show', 'SUGAR in mi tea', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, Summer 2007
  • 'Group Show', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, Summer 2006
  • 'Group Show', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, Winter 2005
  • Inclusion of 'Come shine or rain', original artwork on canvas in a GP surgery' waiting room, SE5, London
  • 'Group Show', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, spring 2005
  • 'The A6 show 2004', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, December 4 to 19, 2004
  • 'Group Show', Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London SE14, May 5 to 16, 2004
  • 'Group Show', Sun and Doves, Camberwell Arts Week 1998, London SE5
  • Inclusion of 'Crowd', one in the 'People Series' artwork on board, in the collection of artworks of a public legal advisory centre's waiting room, 1997, London
  • Alternative Arts Markets, Liverpool Street Market, Summer and Autumn, every other weekend, 1993, London
  • Very successful display of small painting projected on large scale screen to school audience, Lycee Jean-Lurcat, Perpignan, France.
  • Northridge Junior High, Los Angeles, California, USA, end of the school year exhibition, with a much acclaimed black ink on white card A1 artwork, 1976
  • Family artworks and private Art Collection, "La Creche", Quartier Latin, near Place Monge, 11th arrondissement, 1967, Paris, France.

Large scale paintings

Musical nights 
  • One night only nightclub, 'The Dirt Box', Charing Cross road, paintings and backdrops, August 1997
  • 'Miss West Africa 1995', Willesden green, October 1995
  • 'Goree Video Production', 'Big Mo' preview, Bonnington Square Arts Center, October 1995
  • 'Abashanti', Vauxhall arches, 1994
  • 'Nose Paint Experimental Arts', Vauxhall, March 1994
  • 'The Vox', reggae bands, Brixton, January 1994
  • 'RDK' dubb sound system, Cool Tan Arts, Brixton, December 1993
  • 'Balafon nights', African live music and dance, St Peter’s Heritage Centre (Church), Vauxhall, October and November 1993
  • 'Five squares, Energies', in conjunction with the London School of Samba, St Peter’s Heritage Centre (Church), Vauxhall, 20 December 1992.

and days

  • Show of large backdrop "The Dancers", a BLM artwork from the mid-90's series of my anti-racist activist art practise: "Behind Closed Doors", 3-9 August 2020 - A week's residency in the Lewisham Arthouse's Gallery / Project Space not open to the public due to the pandemic. On film and photography for screen.
  • Show of large backdrop "The accordionist" behind bands at "The Bonnington Square Festival 2016", SW8, London GB, 4 September 2016
  • 'Glastonbury Festival' (banner over tent adjacent to main stage), July 1995
  • 'Bonnington Square Street Festival 95' - 1 three story-high wall banner 'The West African Fashion Models' and 2 banners as bands' stage backdrops 'The Dancers: couple','The Dancers: trio' - September 1995.
Other occasions
  • Exhibition of 3 large backdrops, 'The Jazz Musician', 'The Dancers: couple', 'Balafon Nights', and one small backdrop,'The Dancers: trio' for the signing of the book 'N'Dongo', 'Lire' by the author Cheickh Bamba Diop, at Portobello Green's 'Inn on the Green', W10, Ladbroke Grove, London. January 26 2008 to mid February 2008 (see 'Dancers Gallery' page).

Set design

  • 'Chequered', 'Battersea Arts Centre' and the 'Onion Shed Theatre', Camberwell, December and November 2001.


  • 'The Bible Mural', Stockwell Green United Reformist Church and day nursery, created Easter 2000, London
  • 'The Space Mural', The Playstation, children creche and kindergarten, Wood green, created 1999, London
  • Artistic 'Floor Mural', leather goods shop, Camden Town, 1997, London
  • 'Graffiti Mural - The Dancers', central stairway 'Cool Tan Arts' Center, Brixton, Winter 1994, London
  • 'Pink Jungle' creche mural, 'Lambeth Unemployed Resource Center', Brixton, Winter 1994, London
  • Two large 'Dancers' Mural Posters', of 'The Dance Series', Belushi' s cocktail bar, Covent Garden, 1994, London.



  • Illustrations for book and as archival prints, for home of the author
  • Gift of two artworks from "The Horses Series", at a GP surgery in Southwark, 2019
  • Gift of artwork 'The Portrait of The Car', of 'The Cars Series', artist proof 1/2, Dental surgery, NW10 London, June 2018
  • Placing of artwork 'The Good Bad Dream', of 'The Cars Series', 1/2 artist proof archival print, Physiotherapy room, 3rd floor Lambeth wing, St Thomas Hospital, Westminster bridge road, London, March 2013
  • Placing of artwork 'Traffic II', of 'The Cars Series', 1/100 archival print, Audiology room 1, 3rd Southwark wing, Guy's Hospital, London, February 2012
  • Placing of artwork 'Portrait of the Car', of 'The Cars Series', artist proof 2/2, Mitchener ward, 12th floor, North Wing, St Thomas Hospital, Westminster bridge road, London, December 2011
  • Placing of artwork 'The Stretch Limo', of 'The Cars Series', artist proof 1/2, Dental surgery, NW10 London, September 2011
  • Placing of artwork 'Come rain come shine', mixed media on canvas dedicated to children, GP surgery, Lambeth, South London, 2009
  • Completion of specialist decorative technique of 'sienna marble' effect on filling cabinet, February 2005
  • Interior design and artistic decoration, a studio flat in Portobello, W10, November 2004
  • Some illustrations for books and a newspaper, once, the 'Caribbean Times' (from 1988 to 2006)

Other creative arts and industry work
  • Photography and design of 2 extra large luxury Art Books for the paintings of JOYCE's Mother, Susan Spiesshofer, from the 60's to recent years. Online versions created and only shared with close friends of the family. 2020
  • Designing and modeling Unique Art-Fashion items of jewelery, accessories, and clothing, from the age of 8 or 9 to the present day
  • Research and Development. Ongoing
  • Filming, Editing and Photography Practice. Ongoing - *See my films and animation websites - YouTube: Joyce jocelyne Saunders-diop. Also photography on
  • Writing Practice. Ongoing. Some text content uploaded on
  • Black and white Illustrations on paper, for the book 'Ciosaan', by the author and separated husband Cheikh Bamba Diop, aka Dallas, published with "New Generation Publishing", London, UK, May 2018. More illustration, text editing, correcting and proof-reading for the author until 2021
  • Design and print production of 'JOYCE Selfies book, 2016
  • Colour Illustration done on paper and than manipulated digitally in Photoshop, copy editing, proof reading, admin, to publish the book 'Toumouranke - Trauma' in French, 2015, by the author Cheikh Bamba Diop, aka Dallas, with "New Generation Publishing", London, UK 
  • Colour Illustration done on paper and than manipulated digitally in Photoshop, Design, page layout, print-buying and publishing of the book 'Toumouranke - Trauma' in English, 1rst edition, by the author Cheikh Bamba Diop, aka Dallas, 2015. ISBN number: 978-0-9565435-2-3 
  • Self-directed Modelling, Comedy/Acting & Back-ground artistry. For-Public and In-Studios
  • Some Art related Journalistic activities published (and yet to be published) on the web. (check and Post-2005
  • Creative Arts Marketing and Business consultancies, Illustration, Photography and Design for artists and budding entrepreneurs, since 2005 
  • Design, page layout, print-buying and publishing of the book 'N'Dongo' in English, 1rst edition, by the author and separated husband Cheikh Bamba Diop, aka Dallas, 2013. Copies now reside in major libraries in Cambridge, Oxford, Scotland, Wales and Southern Ireland, as well as in the British Library:  ISBN number: 978-0-9565435-1-6 January 2014
  • Design and print production of 'JOYCE's Art' catalogue, June 2013
  • Design and print production of 'The Cars Series' catalogue *2, May 2013
  • Translation of "N'Dongo" from French to English, the autobiography of Dallas Cheikh Bamba Diop, 2012
  • Design and print production of 'The Horses Series' catalogue *1, February 2012
  • Design and print production, with updates of 'The Squares Series' catalogue *1, *2 and 3* November 2011, February 2012, February 2014
  • Design and update of 'JOYCE's CD-Rom' interactive catalogue comprising 30 paintings and six black and white illustration in varying close-ups, as well as 4 animations and a 2004 self-directed interview. Ongoing
  • JOYCE Publishing finds a new publisher and distributor for 'N'Dongo' in 2011: les editions LA BRUYERE established in the 70's
  • Correction and editing, design, page layout, illustration, print-buying and publishing of the book 'N'Dongo', 3rd edition, by the author Cheikh Bamba Diop, aka Dallas, 2010. A copy now resides at the British Library:  ISBN number: 978-0-9565435-0-9 Visit to order a copy
  • JOYCE Publishing is an established publisher in the UK. April 2010
  • Colour illustration and book cover, correction & editing, design and publishing of the book 'Toumouranke', 'Tourmente', in french, by the author Cheikh Bamba Diop, April 2009
  • Music related activities, ongoing
  • Illustration and book cover, correction, editing, design and publishing of the book 'N'Dongo', 'Lire' by the author Cheikh Bamba Diop, December 2007
  • Illustration, page-layout design and publishing for the prototype hard-cover bound copy of Cheikh Bamba Diop aka Dallas' first book which is based on his biography up until 2007 
  • PR activities: graphic design, photography, filming and editing at the 'Lewisham Art House', London SE14
  • Cooperative Arts administration and management consultancy, Lewisham Art House
  • Art direction and graphic design, 'Crussh', Green Park, London
  • Pre-press Mac Operator and Graphic Designer, Lilford business Center, SE5
  • Scanning Operator and Image Manipulator, 'V&A Images', V&A Museum of Art and Design, South Kensington, London
  • Individual Art Tuition, at the studio, the 'Lewisham Art House', London SE14
  • Mac operator and Graphic Designer with '2810 Designs' studio, Soho, London WC1
  • Part-time administration and general upkeep of 'Red Gate Gallery', SE5
  • Mac Operator with 'Flying Monkey' graphic design studio, Dulwich
  • Extra & Background Artist for film and television
  • Modelling for american fashion designer Lamonte at 'Heavens Night Club', Charing Cross, London, 1995
  • Freelance cell-painting in animation, for 'Animation City', 'Animation Partnership', 'Animus', 'Grand Slam', 'Impossible Dream', 'Ink Crowd', 'Passion Pictures', and other London animation studios, for productions such as 'Wind in the willows', 'Roger rabbit', 'The thief', 'PG tips', BBC 2 special effects and numerous other TV adverts, in the 90's.


Two agents have represented her to businesses and corporations in the 90's (since then, Joyce has represented herself, which doesn't mean to say that she is opposed to working with other galleries...XX):

  • Louisa Howick Art Consultancy, Hampstead, London
  • Long and Ryle Arts International, Pimlico, London.

and on the internet: