JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2024

These large Circles have been painted on the Bonnington Square roof-top studio in the early 90's, after 'The Squares Series' took shape. During this period, Joyce's aesthetic and philosophical concerns were still mostly communicated in abstraction.

Recycled high quality animation acrylic applied onto recycled card from the nearby Christies & Sotheby's catalogues printers, at times evolved with nature's application of rain.

They became the planets of colour into which the viewer could immerse oneself, each with it's specific atmosphere, temperatures and swirling textures.

'Loys' Poppy'

'Red Planet'

'Dark Brown Planet'

'Dark Brown Planet'

'Grey Planet'

'Orange Planet'

'Orange Planet' - detail

'Green Planet'

'Brown Planet'

'Beige Planet'

'Dark Red Planet with a Bite Chewed Off'

'The Brown Beige and Red Planet'