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This is the first in a series of artworks within The Horses Series based on the magnificent life-size whistle Jacket painting by George Stubbs that resides at the National Gallery of London, in Trafalgar Square, and that has been projected wall sized to the side of the Gallery in the early 2000s.

This first attempt at capturing the free noble spirit of this horse, one of the rare ones to have been depicted in traditional art without a rider, and on such an impressive scale, was painted with oils and aluminium paint on an pice of abstract painting that a former spanish Arthouse member had left behind in our storage space area.

It was followed by more un-stretched and stretched artworks of various sizes and hues, until I felt the character of this kind of horse, had been satisfactorily defined and captured.

Incidently, my first job at 15 years of age was to tame horses and be the first human to mount upon their back.

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"Large Whistle Jacket I" in Arthouse Gallery
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