JOYCE'S ART   paintings' online catalogue 2023



Very small rectangle of canvas, drawn up in permanent ink feltmarkers, painted in acrylics and oils. This image has than been minutely outlined in embroidered black cotton thread, before being stitched, as if in surgery, to the belly of the Mare, with transparent nylon.

The picture sprung out of a small gift box a friend had bought for me at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, as I was working on The Horses Series. It came as an appropriate surprise: a tiny print representing the miniature model for an exhibition, 2/50, 2001, by Petros Chrisostomous, called "White Horses". I scanned a square cm of it, printed it on an A3 page, and hung it in the studio above the Mare in-progress for a while... until this materialized.

While we prepare to commonly implant micro-chips into humans, these 3 small male gods were affixed onto The Mare, aka 'Nature', with a strong carpet needle.

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'The Mare' - detail IV
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